Discover Zagreb: Sisak – Where civilization meets nature

Iva Bucić

Aug 20, 2016

After a short trip by train I arrived at Sisak, the town of the three rivers. Located 57 km from Zagreb this tiny village is certainly a good destination for those who like rural tourism.

When the train stopped, Johnny, the tourist guide, was already waiting for us. He guided us to a small but cosy Turkish tearoom near the station. There he told us the plan for the whole day. At first I thought it will be another day at the office but I was about to figure out that I was wrong.

We continued our journey into the heart of the village, the Kupa river. Although this village has the privilege of having three rivers: Kupa, Sava and Odra, the Kupa river is the largest one. Once we arrived at the banks of the river we took a boat ride. The view was absolutely astonishing. It appeared that the flora and fauna was trying to compete with the water as to which of them is more appealing. That view reminded me of how my hometown looked like some years ago.

Suddenly the boat stopped, I was so amazed by the view that I didn’t realize that there was a beach just in front of me. We stayed there for a while, swimming and enjoying the fresh and clean water. Before we returned to Sisak we had enough time to watch a volleyball game and listen to some light music. Actually the music was perfectly connected to the environment so the experience was even more enjoyable.

While we were having lunch at a jazz bar on the branch of the Kupa, Johnny told us that under the village of Sisak there was a roman village and that it’s possible to find ancient roman artefacts in almost every place. This happens because this town was always a very important place in terms of trade. The size of the river allows ships to come from the sea and unload the goods here. Goods that then are transported to of all Europe. It’s been happening for the last 2000 years and it still happens today.

With a nice meal in the stomach it was time for a bike ride. Our guide took us to the museum of Sisak. There we found a complete collection of goods and tools since the pre-historic age to the present. The Croatian people have an old tradition of riding a bike so Johnny guided us through for a ride near the river. It was very interesting since the weather was nice and the view was also good.

Our way finished at an old fort where once people fought for their independence. There we found some artefacts related to that war against the Ottoman empire. Coincidentally, people were celebrating a traditional marriage near the walls and it was really enjoyable to see people dancing and celebrating in such an unusual place. For me this trip was a little bit like going home since Sisak has some similarities with my hometown like the river and the green of the nature.

Autor: Tiago Coelho
Naslovna foto: Wiki

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