Zagreb – The place to pee

Ivona Radić

Oct 19, 2015

If you are one of those people who are particularly picky about peeing in public restrooms, then the Zagreb pee map is just what you need to get by.

Based on her own experience and her pee-shyness, Andrea Pisac, the author of the blog Zagreb Honestly, created the Zagreb pee map to help people track the coolest-looking toilets of Croatia’s capital. However, finding a clean and great-looking toilet is not just about doing your business. As Andrea says:

Toilets – these secluded private quarters – have their stories to tell. And these stories are quite public, spanning a century of Zagreb’s cultural history.

We have chosen two of them as our favorites. See Andrea’s blog for the rest of the Zagreb pee map!

Park toilets

Zagreb Pee Map | Zagreb Honestly

Nazor Park public toilet ceiling detail

If you fancy doing your business in nature, then these three toilets situated in green houses are the thing for you. Depending on your location, you can go to the one in Nazor Park, the one located in the Botanical Gardens, or the one near the Faculty of Law.

Just look up to the ceiling when you’re washing your hands, and you’ll see charming glass and cast iron decorations, Andrea says.

Artistic toilets

Zagreb Pee Map | Zagreb Honestly

Museum of Arts and Crafts toilet – designed by Željko Kovačić

Thanks to many new cafes and restaurants in Zagreb, the choice of toilets with a unique design has become even greater.

The styles vary from urban chic, industrial vintage to romantic retro with ambiance spreading to toilets as well. Restrooms are not only meticulously clean but offer an arty experience, Andrea says.

Our favorite is the toilet in the Musem of Arts and Crafts.

Check out Andrea’s blog for the full version of the map with pictures, follow her new discoveries and let her know if you make a toilet discovery of your own!

*** The post Zagreb pee map: a journey in style through best Zagreb toilets first appeared on the Zagreb Honestly blog.

Source: Zagreb Honestly blog

Foto: Andrea Pisac