Discover Zagreb: A Journey Into Zagreb’s Roots

Iva Bucić

Aug 17, 2016

Have you ever been to a museum where you can see and smell the history? In The Zagreb city museum, which was founded in 1907, it is possible to learn about the history of the city of Zagreb.

Like a story this place starts from the beginning, as you enter the museum you realize that you are in the 6th century BC and as you go through you are moving ahead in time. I was so amazed with the exposition that I felt like the time passed too fast.


Every room has its own history and it is possible to feel the amazing atmosphere created by the exposition, disposition of the walls and vicinity of the artefacts. All the things are displayed in a way that visitors get linked with that particular part of the history of Zagreb. On one hand it’s forbidden to take pictures, although on the other hand it’s impossible to forget whatever you have seen because of the whole experience. I was able to notice every detail of each individual piece. For certain this was what convinced the experts when this institution was nominated for the EMYA Prize, for the best European museum of the year in 2000.

Don’t think that only the exposition matters, since the building was the Convent of the Poor Clares (1650) and most of the prehistoric information was collected in excavations inside the structure.


I’ve always been very interested in the late XX century history in Eastern Europe so my favourite room it’s room number 44: Zagreb in Independent Croatia (check it out here). There I founded pictures of the bombings on Zagreb by Serbian extremists and some texts about the bloody conflict. Honestly I didn’t expect such a good presentation about something so fresh in Croatia’s memories. I truly enjoyed the experience and I recommend it to everyone who visits Zagreb. Probably I will visit it again before I go back home!

Autor: Tiago Coelho

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